" In case I forget to tell you later, I had a really good time tonight."
- Vivian, Pretty Woman

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nice Buns & Sunday Sunburns.

This past weekend was a nice one. Friday night, One M & I did an impromptu drinks after work. We started at The Hudson and joined the all the crazy Canucks who were intensely watching the Olympic Hockey game. We decided to just observe & cheer on the Canadians rather then the hockey players. We shuffled over to Marix (which I have to say really has terrible food) to grab some more cerveza & guac. And more cervezas.
Saturday was a day of errands. Not just the typical Target, dry cleaning, cat food day of errands though. This was a preparedness errand day. I started to put together our earthquake kit. And if you live in SoCal, you should really jump on the "I'm going to be ready" bandwagon too. Check out this site & try to knock off a handful of the must-haves every other day or weekend. Be ready. And maybe even decide to pick-up some Girl Scout cookies while at a construction warehouse store. WHO DOES THAT?
Saturday night, One M treated us to one of his great meals (courtesy of Wholefoods this time).  JP, One M, Dave, Joe, Double M & I enjoyed some "Cowboy" burgers. Burgers with a kick and spurs. Sunday started with a nice long brunch with JP... then a few hours sitting out by the pool (sorry East Coasters & France, I know that hurts to hear). I have bookclub Tuesday night & until Sunday, I really hadn't read much at all of The Vagrants by Yiyun Li. By the end of Sunday, I had almost finished the book & walked away with quite a sunkissed forehead & nose (and maybe a bit of a farmer's burn on my arms too).

The highlight however, was reading the first draft of Double M's new pilot. It was beyond brilliant, touching, evolved & better than 99% of the crap I typically read. Goodonya Double M.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Missing my Caroline.

Missing my Caroline... Oh miss her beyond SO. Hopefully she's found her Marix in Bogota, Colombia!

Friday Adorablenesses.

This Friday morning, I might be tempted to start complaining about how my head still feels like it's in a vice from today's Bootcamp run... or maybe talk about how I have yet to watch Survivor & don't want to read any spoilers today (but, really, I don't think I care about Survivor anymore as Stephanie got voted out last week).... or maybe I could talk about how Curling is on in my office at the moment & really want to find a place to take lessons. Wouldn't that be fun? A league in LA that we could learn, compete & well, curl. Oh, and of course meet & have many drinks with John Morris (Canada) & Sebastian Kraupp (Sweden).

Instead however, I'm going to leave you with two photos of the extreme adorableness. First is Lulu (my niece/god-daughter) & her very old boxer, Boomer. They shared this moment after Lulu got back from her Grandparents today. I apologize for the quality -- my sister's cell phone camera isn't the bestest. The other photo is Riley Roo, yes, I am posting a picture of my cat. WHO AM I? Regardless.

Smile. It's Friday.

- Olympic photos courtesy of nbcolympics.com

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Maybe we should... get LOST.

Oh LOST. I am so over you. So much happens every episode. SO MUCH OF NOTHING. Balls.

I wish I wasn't typing this, but alas, I am. The repetitive one-liners, story plots & "nothing really is happening" is getting has gotten old. I do want to know the major answers, but I definitely don't need to get ALL the answers. Why? Because I hate that they will be all made up in some crazy lil' tool group of writer's minds.

Questions a Normal Person Would Ask:
"Jacob, why are our names written down on the dial?"
"Who is "your friend" Claire?

Dud lines:
"Why did you come back to the island?" "Why did YOU come back to the island?"
"I didn't tell you I was coming here because I didn't want you to see me fail."

Question Normal Viewers Would Ask:
"If Jack called his son from Sydney, then wouldn't he have had a son when he was on the island the 1st 4 seasons?"

Finally, I have a great idea. Use black & white toned color-bars intercut with your "next time on LOST" promo. That will get us all to come back. Lame assers.

Federal Agents & Olympic Distractions

Weird thing happened today at my office. I went to go use the restroom on our floor (shared by many different companies/departments/people) and I automatically went right towards the urinals. This is weird things got weird. I almost walked straight into the back of some guy peeing. I looked up & noticed there were actually two guys peeing -- one at one urinal & one at the other. Well, fine & dandy, BUT, they were both Federal Agents! Yes, real Federal Agents with the S.W.A.T. like jackets on & very official insignias on the front. I simply went to a stall & wondered... did I do something bad? Did my boss? Yes, I teased him immediately saying he better make a run for it while he still can. Either way, status is weirdsies.

In other news, got really bored with the Olympics in the last 2 nights. I remember when I was younger, the women's figure skating portion of the Winter Olympics was THE "hot ticket." Now, it's well... well, what is it since I didn't watch it.

- police jacket photo courtesy of sallyscopshop.com
- Olympic photo courtesy of nbcolympics.com

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Today, I woke up with a headache. Who gives a shit right? Well, it's my blog so suck it. Barrys Bootcamp this morning was hell on earth with a headache.

Moving on. Tonight is my last Spanish Class (class 8 of 8). I have to say, I was very surprised how much I remembered from High School (circa d. 1994) and really enjoyed trying to learn it again. However, what I truly & utterly dreaded every week was the friggin drive. The drive to Encino! From Burbank. So, that being said, I will not be continuing my Spanish Education in Encino after tonight. No thanks Larry. I am going to try & find a place in Burbank near my office to try out. We'll see. I also hated the weekly tarea (homework for you non-Spanish-speaking peeps).

- photo courtesy of whyareyousofat.wordpress.com

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh My Gravy.

Amazing Race is one of those programs (who says "programs" unless you're a TV Exec?) that I've always been obsessed about being on. However, I really got very, well, "turned off" by it after my sister & I were made alternates on or about season 10. We went through the whole kit-n-kaboodle medical testing, got flown to NYC, etc... but only made alternates. Anywho, so not bitter. Really.

Regardless, I'm back on the travel-wagon. However, most of the teams on this new season are all idiots. ID-E-OTS. Holly (my sister/best-friend) & I would kick all these douches buttholes. Below is our audition photo. Cape Cod Summer Tan much? I mean who wouldn't want to watch us be hysterical a-holes instead of seeing Monique & Shawne milking cows?

I also love Reality TV quotes. I'll mention these many times in Blog by Rye.

"Oh My Gravy!"
"Peach, we got it."
"Did you drop your cup? No, I got kicked in the hand."
"I think I got a splinter in my butt."
"Want a couple pinches? Oh Yeah, you're a little bit foamy there at then end there Bess."
"San Jose --- H-O-S-E."

p.s. I think it's funny the Cowboys won a sailboat in this week's episode. Oh those crazy Cowboys & their sailboats they'll never use back in Montana.

Zelda & Olive Steal the Show.

Here's something that will kick you in the booty. And I mean KICK you in the booty in a ... OMG, Beyond Dying HIGH-sterical way. Wander over to Subaru's new car campaign.

Sit back.

Watch the Stolen Parking Spot clip.

Laugh so loud your office mates think you just swallowed the gay hyena bug-a-boo.


- photo courtesy of subaru.com

I'm fine with all salt.

This is beyond-the-beyond. Not sure why or if I want to do a blog. Really, it's about daily dialogue with myself. It's about everyone and no one. It literally stemmed from my good ol' pal Caroline who just started a blog after she moved to Bogota, Colombia. I thought, gee whiz, that's a great idea. Taking time each & every day to just "vent," "release," or "rant."

Let's say bring on post 1. No seriously, say it. Outloud. Thanks.